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AVON LEE Handmade Wedding Invitations & Craft (formerly The Crafty Cow Creations) - 
Step into my studio and learn about what makes me happy and inspired...

Hello  I am the founder and designer behind Avon Lee Handmade Wedding Invitations & Craft, an online business selling beautifully handmade invitations not only for Weddings, but birthdays and Baby Showers and the like. All of the items I sell are personally handmade in my home craft studio in Queensland, Australia.  I do also sell digitally printed invitations as well.
I am passionate about my business and I love custom orders requesting that unique design to be created. I also love how this line of work allows me to express myself creatively and that it is so compelling. I love trying new things, creating something different and working with the customer to bring their creation to life for their special day.
Why I Took the Plunge to make IT Happen?
I have been trying for so many years to get my business out there.  I knew there were a lot of people already doing handmade invitations but I thought they all seem to do well so why not just do it. I focus on communicating with the customer to see what they are after and then enjoy bringing their design to life. I also design ones myself and offer different colours etc to match their theme. Some customers have photos of what they like and I can work with that too and adding something different to it just to make it their own.
I also do canvas art, photography editing, scrapbooking albums/pages, wedding decor eg table numbers, small centre pieces etc.

My Business Criteria?
I create and sell custom handmade wedding invitations, cards and scrapbook creations. I sell these online both through my facebook page and also through my website. I work with customers to ensure their order is going as planned. I am more so into creating an invitation with ideas from the customer rather then having ready made invitations. However, this year I am looking more into designing sets especially to have for the markets I attend.
It is important to me that the customer is always happy.

What I'm Currently Working On Right Now and What I'm Most Excited About in the Upcoming Months? 
Right now I am working on invitation sets to take to the upcoming markets. Also looking at designing baby announcements and wedding decor.
What I am most excited about is attending markets. As I said I have been trying for some time to get my business out there but would never attend markets as I am not real good with huge social events like that. Well that was til now :) 
Markets are a great way to get your name out there. I am stepping out of my comfort zone which is daunting but a must.

How do I make ideas happen?
Mmm let's see.... I often find when I am working on a custom design and I have been given several ideas to work with I tend to have an idea in my head but when it comes to the finished product it doesn’t always work the first or second time and not even the third. By this time I am ready to tear my hair out, but I don’t give up until it works. And then when the idea and design come together just right, it makes me love what I do even more!
One thing I do tend to forget when designing wedding invitations is that if I come up with a design that is intricate in detail or just has a lot of fiddly stuff I have a heart attack when they say they need 80 or more. It's not too bad if the design involves the Cameo but when I do one that is entirely by my hand it can be very stressful....but once again, it's what makes you love this type of work :)

Where do I get my Inspiration From? Who Do I Admire?
Tim Holtz is amazing! He is the King of Ink. What he can do is just mind blowing. The way he works is magical. I fell in love with Ranger Inks a few years back and there are some gorgeous colours. I have to admit though since I have been into making invitations I haven't been doing much card making so haven't touched my inks for some time. I need to get back into it. Might look at designing some invitations using ink :D
PINTEREST, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK inspire me in many ways. They help when I am stuck for ideas and are also a great source for supplies.


Me, My Boys & My Cats
I will be 44 soon..eeek! That golden age is creeping up too fast for my liking :/
​I am a country girl, not in the sense that I love riding horses (but I love capturing their beauty behind the camera lense) or chasing pigs or catching frogs (by the way they are my biggest fear, but that is another story) but in the way of stepping outside and relishing in the peace and quiet, and the serenity of it all.
I grew up on a property my Dad was a station hand and my Mum was a cleaner at the school. I adore my parents, they have been there for me through thick and thin. My brother was my big brother and he was always looking out for me. There was 8 years between us. I love my family dearly, they mean the world to me. I would not trade them for anything ♥
I completed high school then went onto Rockhampton and done 2 terms at the CQ University for Nursing. Wasn't really what I wanted so pulled out and got into the administration field and worked with Chartered Accountants, Social Security and then when I moved back home to my parents and got into Acrylic Nails for a year and then back into the admin field til I met my husband in 1999. We married in 2002, had 2 amazing boys who are now 13 and 16.
July 2015 bought our marriage to an end which was devastating and a very rough road to travel but we are getting there. We still talk to each other and the boys are growing stronger everyday.
Being separated has made me see the areas I need to improve on and it sure is not an easy task. Suffering from depression and anxiety makes things a lot harder to work out. Some days are good and the bad days can be quite dark at times. This is where I am thankful for such a loving and supportive family. Without them and my boys I would not be able to function well at all.
My boys are amazing and I admire their courage and determination in the things they love. The eldest loves building and constructing things and is hoping to take on a school based apprenticeship this year with a cabinet maker company. The youngest is lego crazy and everything circles around it. He is also a huge Batman fan and loves DC.
My cats, are my girls and I love them. I never planned on getting 2 but they didn't want them to be separated so who was I to argue :) Before CC and Izzie I had my beautiful Chloe. She was my world and was there for me many times. Sadly she passed away early last year at almost 18 years of age. It was a very sad day for me and it took a long time before I could talk about her without crying. I still miss her ♥ I love cats and I love dogs. I miss my dogs. We had four dogs, 2 little and 2 big. Sadly they couldn't come with me as the fences need fixing up so they can 't get out. The big ones were going to be staying with my husband but my son and I really wanted the little ones here with us. I do get to see them every now and then when having to drop off or pick up the boys and they greet us with a huge smile and have plenty of hugs n kisses for us.
My dream is to make my business successful. It is not an easy task on a tight budget, but I am confident that 2016 is the year for Avon Lee Handmade Wedding Invitations & Craft . We may be almost half way through the year but I won't give up. I will make it happen :)